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Located in Medina, Ohio, Glauner Piano Service has been providing quality service to Medina and the surrounding counties since 2005 with prompt, courteous attention and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Attention to detail...
Your piano is a part of your family.  Whether handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom, a recent addition with the latest technology, or a starter piano for the future concert pianist, your instrument deserves to be treated with the care afforded to the most priceless of instruments.  Considerable time was spent creating your masterpiece for a reason, and the same care and attention to detail will be given during each service call.

Consider your piano an investment!
Whether your piano needs a tuning, a little minor repair, or a major overhaul, a local tuner-technician is available during evenings and weekends at no additional charge to accomodate your schedule.  Pianos can be purchased new at prices anywhere from the low thousands to upwards of $100 thousand.  Regardless of the price tag, your piano is an investment.  Whether you intend to trade your piano in for a newer or nicer model at a later date or hang onto it until it no longer plays, its value is in its beauty and use.  Taking care of your instrument extends its life and value!

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Contact us today and experience the full beauty your instrument was designed to create. is proud to partner with Jones Delivery, the Piano Moving Specialists.

Contact them today and see why they're the area's trusted movers since 1953.

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