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Located in Medina, Ohio, Glauner Piano Service has been providing quality service to Medina and the surrounding counties since 2005 with prompt, courteous attention and unparalleled customer satisfaction.



In 2003, Jay began studying piano tuning, service, and repair through an apprenticeship with highly-accomplished local Tuner-Technician, Ed James. After studying under Mr. James for two years, in 2005 Jay established his own practice in Medina and, working closely with Yamaha dealerships in the Akron and Cleveland areas, began building up a large base of highly-satisfied clientele in Medina and the surrounding counties.

Jay and his wife, Becky, met in 1995 while attending Kent State University and have been married since 1999. The Glauners moved to Medina in 2003 after Jay earned his Master’s degree from Tiffin University.  They are now blessed with three wonderful children, Abby, Ben, and Collin, who all proudly attend Buckeye Local Schools. 


Prices for service are commensurate with the type of work being performed, the price of parts at the time of service, and the amount of time required to fix the problem; however, some services are provided at a standardized rate.  Please read the following information to understand our pricing:

No piano string is immune to stretching and therefore all will lose some tension naturally while being tuned and thereafter, causing a drop in pitch.  Since each individual string is also affected by varying degrees of tension as well as fluctuations in the level of humidity, the piano itself may cause the strings to be raised or lowered to a pitch higher or lower than A-440 at a varying rate.  An initial assessment will need to be performed to determine whether the various ranges of your piano are functioning at, below, or above the proper pitch of A-440.   How close your piano is to the proper pitch at the time of service can affect the total cost of service because it may need to have its pitch raised (basically a quicker, less-precise tuning) once or twice prior to the final tuning.  This may be necessary because simply tuning the piano to A-440 from a very flat pitch will result in a considerable amount of pitch loss as the strings attempt to relieve themselves of the new, increased tension.  These initial, less-precise tunings are commonly referred to as "pitch-raises".

With that being said, if a piano is tuned regularly (every six months), and is tuned to the standard pitch of A-440 each time, then raising the pitch of the piano will not usually be necessary and a simple tuning will typically bring the piano into proper pitch.

A standard tuning charge is $100.00 (within Medina county) or $110.00 (surrounding counties); however, pitch raises, if required are $50 each.  Usually, a single pitch-raise can be performed immediately and does not require a second service call.  This depends on the availability of the customer and the tuner-technician's schedule.  Please understand that all attempts to accommodate you, the customer, will be made.

We stress the possibility of a pitch-raise because in most cases where an owner has allowed a significant amount of time to pass between tunings, a pitch-raise will need to be performed; however, it is not unusual to find that a piano has held its pitch for several years between tunings. 

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Your piano is a part of your family.  Whether handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom, a recent addition with the latest technology, or a starter piano for the future concert pianist, your instrument deserves to be treated with the care afforded the most priceless of instruments.  

Considerable time was spent creating your masterpiece for a reason, and the same care and attention to detail will be given during each service call.